November 29, 2007

Holiday Show

This is a Thos. Moser invitation to an opening reception tonight featuring many talented Maine artists and crastsmen.
Here are a few of the pieces we'll have on display (and for sale!)...

November 28, 2007


Our weekly devlivery to Seagrass was too beautiful not to capture and post...

November 21, 2007

November 15, 2007

November 7, 2007

Sticks and Stones

This past August, we decided to re-visit the idea of doing a botanical installation with related art work as done last spring at Fort Nest gallery & studio. In the first Sticks and Stones installation, birth and life was sprouting all around us as the spring season began. This time around we've examined the seasons passing from fall to winter, and the death and decay that inevitably occurs. First, here's a look at last years opening in April 2006...

Pat Corrigan's illustration
Protea & Quince beauty
Karen Gelardi's work displayed behind a happy audience

Carrie Hoge's photoraphy on wall

And, now the present installation with incredible invites by Pat Corrigan:

Sometime during the second week of August a nervous, slightly panicky feeling sets in as the sunlight gradually dwindles. Why is the entering into darkness so scary and disconcerting? As a response to the April 2006 “Sticks and Stones” show at Fort Nest which explored the joy of spring and buds blowing open with sculptures and related artwork; we examine the decline of light and the decay of natural growth that comes with it here at “The Fall of Sticks and Stones”.

Fall is the one season during the year that we expect to see lots of death and withering on the vine and yet we are able to appreciate the beauty of that passing. It looks perfect. But the anticipation of the loss of things to come that begins to dawn on us in the height of the colorful summer’s end makes the heart beat faster and brings with it a touch of melancholy and fear.